Happy Easter

Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception in the Archdiocese of Southwark

Happy Easter

Dear All ,

I hope and pray this message finds you well.
At the Easter vigil we would normally in church all light candles from the new paschal candle. Perhaps we could put a candle -but be safe – or a light in our window at dusk on Easter Saturday as our own Light of Christ.

I send you my good wishes and may this time be blessed and peaceful one for you .

I have an idea in connection of Easter vigil at 9 pm.

  1. To ask every one in our neighbourhood to light a candle for those who have lost their loved ones during this virus pandemic in all over the world
  2. To pray for the repose of the souls of them , particularly we pray for priests, religious, Nuns , Doctors, Nurses, paramedics, health workers.
    May they all share the resurrection of Jesus.
  3. Also a sign of gratitude to our Doctors , Nurses, paramedics health workers , priest and religious , particularly our NHS for their dedication and hard work .

May the light of Christ dispel the darkness of virus pandemic and lead us into sure Hope of Resurrection.

Christ is our light and our song is Alleluia.

Happy Easter