A message from Fr. Azad

Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception in the Archdiocese of Southwark

A message from Fr. Azad

Dear All , 

I am glad to share that our attendance at mass in the church is increasing. We are proud of our safe practice of our faith in our church.
I am having two masses a day in order to accommodate everyone and provide safe worship for our parish community.  

We only take 25-30 people for each mass.
Please send us your details on [email protected]
– Address & contact number
– This mandatory from the Government.
Our times of the mass are:

  • Saturday & ‪Sunday:‬ ‪11:00AM‬ & ‪6:00PM
  • Weekdays (‪Monday to Friday‬): 11:00AM‬ & ‪7:00PM  

Zoom is only at 11:00am but only if people have got any particular health conditions.

I would like to remind everyone that it is mandatory to wear a face mask in places of worship.  Please do not enter the church without a face mask, as we all need to safeguard one another.   We have a dedicated team that makes sure you are safe and comfortable in the church and outside.  
I would like to encourage you to come and receive the grace of the sacrament by participating in the Holy mass. 

I am also happy to share at your request the Zoom link only for those who are unable to join in person due to certain health conditions.

We have been celebrating masses for people indoors & outdoor.
I thank you and look forward to seeing you.

With my best wishes and prayers.
Fr Azad