Church Finance
It is through your generous weekly donations (collections) that the sustenance and maintenance of our parish is financed. That is why we need each and everyone to continue support for the worship of the church and sustenance of our priest.

Offerings & Tithes
Standing order is a convenient way in which we encourage you to offer your donations to our parish for it needs continued support .
This will enable you to donate to the church on a weekly, monthly or even yearly basis. This method of donation will ensure your continued support for the worship and upkeep of our church!
If you are travelling and cannot manage to come on a certain weekend for mass to our parish in this way it ensures the continuity of your support.
If you are interested in giving in this way, please speak to Gabriel or Fr Azad and they can give you the bank details of our parish.

Weekly Collection
Father Azad is very grateful for your support that helps for the up keep and worship of the church. Our parish is sustained and maintained through your continued generous support.
There is a list of Diocesan collection comes on certain dates on Sundays and Holidays of Obligation .

Gift aid  Envelopes and Donations
Many thanks to all Gift Aid Donors and to all taking part in their employer’s Give As You Earn Scheme, which contribute a valuable extra source of income to the parish.
Through this scheme for charity can get 25pence on every pond you give to your church .
Please speak to Fr Azad if you wish to donate and allow the Parish to claim gift aid on your donation(s) we have a form for you to fill in.
You can download the form here: giftaidform